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  • Coaching of Management Teams

    - What strengths do leaders in your management team have that when used together create synergy and effectiveness? - What would need to happen for your team to get to the next? With the help of a business and leadership developer with broad experience, you get the opportunity to go from a group to a high-performing team, where both the team and each individual member feel better, gain increased motivation and energy and develop. It is useful for a management team to reflect regularly on how you work together, to become aware of areas for development as well as push yourselves to thing out of the box, move outside the comfort zones you have both as individuals as well as a team. Several management groups benefit from this service. It's time to turn your team into a high performing team. Brighter Leaders is here to give you the tools and perspective you need to succeed. To book a 30 minute meeting, to find a program that fits you to achieve desired results and outcomes as a CEO and help your management team improve performance, please click on the box below "30 Minute Discovery Call" and follow the next steps.

  • Leadership Programs

    Loosing good employees is extremely expensive, The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reported that on average it costs a company 6 to 9 months of an employee's salary to replace him or her. Anything that the company can do proactively to reduce this risk is work every penny. There are different ways of working with a proactive mindset. Many of our clients start with a Leadership Profile Analysis for leadership positions or a Personal Profile Analysis for employees that are to be prepared for leadership positions. What you and your employees might need right now and how these needs are met can be the difference that makes the difference. Book a free exploratory call with us and let’s find out how your needs can best be met for the good of your employees and the health of the whole organisation. To book a 45 minute call, to acquire the tools and strategies to motivate, engage and retain employees, please click on the box below "Discovery Call (Leadership Programs)" and follow the next steps.

  • C-Level Executive Coaching

    Leadership and personal development is a process that e.g includes: - Being aware of your own and other’s emotions, how they are expressed and how they affect you and others - Contributing to create, reinforce and change attitudes and beliefs so that they serve you well towards your big why, your vision and goals - Acquiring the necessary tools that will make the development journey faster and easier (not fast and easy) - Develop leadership skills that will help you focus, increase clarity, prioritize towards your desired outcome, increase your personal effectiveness, delegate more when needed, develop your coaching and listening skills as well as your communicational skills - Find the ways to motivate and engage others so that they too may find the glow from within - Strengthen self-confidence and thinking, feeling and acting in coherence with your self-image - Finding a balance between work and leisure that is good for you - Untapping your true potential - Increasing the levels of energy, motivation and satisfaction Individual coaching programs consist on 1-on-1 meetings, every 3-4 weeks depending on your availability, work load and training goals. In each meeting you will receive concrete tools to achieve the desired change/ outcome, insights that you can turn into concrete actions to increase your focus, clarity, energy and performance. Recommended length for this coaching programs is 6, 9 and 12 months. To book a 60 minutes call, for professional and personal development to sharpen your leadership, please click on the box below "60 Minute Meeting (only clients)" and follow the next steps.

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  • How much do you invest in your team’s communication?

    Effective communication is essential for the smooth functioning of any organization. It ensures that information is accurately and efficiently conveyed, allowing for better decision making, improved productivity, and increased job satisfaction. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, confusion, and ultimately, decreased productivity. For example, if an employee does not understand an undertaking they have accepted, they may complete it incorrectly, wasting time and resources. Miscommunication can also cause delays in projects and even lead to the loss of clients. Effective communication can take many forms, such as face-to-face conversations, emails, phone calls, and team meetings. It is important for organizations to establish clear and transparent communication to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Poor communication can lead to a range of negative effects on teams and organizations. For example, lack of clear instructions or unclear expectations can lead to confusion and wasted time, as team members may complete projects incorrectly or inefficiently. Miscommunication can also result in delays and missed deadlines, causing disappointment and frustration among team members. In addition, communication challenges not addressed can lead to conflicts and mistrust among team members, ultimately damaging morale and productivity. On the other hand, good communication can have many positive effects on teams and organizations. For example, clear and consistent communication can help to ensure that everyone in the team is rowing in the same direction, leading to better decision making and increased productivity. Good communication can also foster a positive work environment and increase job satisfaction among team members. One example of good communication in an organization is Google's "20% time" policy. This policy allows employees to spend 20% of their work time on projects that interest them, outside of their regular responsibilities. This not only allows for increased creativity and innovation, but also ensures that employees are effectively communicating their ideas and progress with their team members and managers. Another example is Zappos, an online shoe and clothing retailer known for its excellent customer service. The company places a strong emphasis on clear and effective communication with customers, which has helped to establish its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy business. This clear communication strategy helps to foster customer loyalty and satisfaction, ultimately leading to business success. Good communication is critical for the success of any organization, this is old news. By establishing clear and transparent communication and encouraging open and honest dialogue, organizations can improve productivity, foster a positive work environment and ultimately achieve their goals. Nothing new either, however we meet many leaders and teams with a variety of challenges and potential to improve their communication and efficiency. If you want to learn more about how to improve communication in your organization or team and achieve your business goals, consider booking a call with us today. We can provide you with the tools and strategies you need to build a more effective and productive team. Don't wait, take the first step towards improving communication in your organization by booking a call now.

  • What’s the Importance of Vulnerability in Business?

    Vulnerability is a word that is often associated with weakness in the business world. It brings to mind feelings of insecurity and exposure. But is vulnerability truly a weakness in the business world, or is it something that can actually make us stronger? Vulnerability is the state of being open and exposed to potential harm or damage. It is the willingness to let others see our true selves, including our flaws and weaknesses. In the cut-throat business world, where competition is fierce and the pressure to succeed is high, vulnerability can seem like a liability. However, recent research suggests that vulnerability can actually be a source of strength in the business world. Vulnerability allows leaders to connect with their employees on a deeper level. It helps to build trust and intimacy in the workplace, fostering a more positive and productive work environment. When leaders are willing to be vulnerable and share their own weaknesses and challenges, it helps to break down the hierarchy and create a sense of equality among the team. This can lead to greater employee engagement and motivation. Vulnerability also allows for more authentic and genuine communication in the workplace. When leaders are willing to be vulnerable, they are more likely to speak their truth, share their authentic selves, and be true to their values and beliefs. This can be empowering for employees, as it creates a sense of transparency and trust within the organization. Furthermore, vulnerability allows leaders to face their fears and to grow. When leaders are willing to be vulnerable, they are more likely to take risks and to step outside of their comfort zones. This can be uncomfortable and scary, but it can also lead to personal and professional growth and development. Many would agree that vulnerability rather than being a weakness in the business world, is a strength that allows leaders to connect with their employees, to be authentic and genuine, and to grow as individuals and as leaders. It allows leaders to be fully human and to experience richness and depth even in the world of business. So maybe next time you feel vulnerable as a business leader, you might try to see it as an opportunity for growth and connection, rather than a weakness. You can try the following exercise that can help you and your team practice vulnerability. It is called ”Vulnerability Share-Out." Here's how it works: Set aside a dedicated time for the exercise, such as a team meeting or training session. Explain the purpose of the exercise and the importance of vulnerability in the workplace. Start by sharing something personal and vulnerable about yourself. This could be a recent failure, a personal challenge, or something you are struggling with. Encourage the rest of the team to be open and honest in their sharing. After you have shared, go around the room and have each team member share something personal and vulnerable in turn. Encourage team members to listen actively and with empathy to their colleagues’ stories. Once everyone has shared, debrief the exercise as a group. Talk about the experiences of sharing and receiving vulnerability, and the impact it had on the team dynamic. Encourage team members to continue to practice vulnerability in their interactions with each other and with colleagues outside the team. It's important to note that, this exercise should be done in a safe and secure environment where participants feel comfortable sharing their vulnerability and respecting each other's vulnerability. This exercise can be done periodically to maintain the culture of vulnerability and trust in the team. If you would like us to facilitate this exercise and maybe even other teambuilding exercises get in touch with us and book a 15 minute exploratory call.

  • When adversity is at your door

    Have you ever had a client agree to a deal, only to have the scope of the investment change significantly by the time the deal was supposed to close? When you and the client get in touch again because now it’s time to make the deal happen the client tells you: ”Well actually this is no longer the scope of investment that we are thinking of, actually it’s only a third of the original size.” When you hear this from the client you try to hide your surprise because you were already counting on that deal since you had shaken hands on it. You had already planned in your mind how this would benefit your team, how it would benefit the company. How this would give you the resources to serve your current clients even better. Being the good sales and business executive you are, you rapidly see the positive in this new situation: the deal is not off, at least you have a third coming in. You agree to get in touch in a couple of days again and fine tune the details. A few days later as you are expecting to fine tune, the client tells you that he needs to check internally a couple of things before you can move ahead and suggests you talk again in a couple of days. So in a couple of days you get in touch with your client again, only to hear that the deal will not even be of 1/3 of the original size. Talking internally the client realized that the deal might actually not even be on at all. At this point your jaw drops down… It can be frustrating and disheartening, especially when you’ve already planned for the resources the deal was supposed to bring in… the investments that as a managing executive you need to make for your employees, for the development of the company and for the best for your clients. At Brighter Leaders we understand the challenges of managing emotions in the business world and know how to turn setbacks into opportunities. How to see the positive in every situation and how to learn from everything that happens, and see there are no failures. Failures are there to tell us that we need to take another road. Just like the executive in this story, if you're experiencing trouble managing your emotions or reaching your goals, let Brighter Leaders help you turn your breakdowns into breakthroughs We offer a 15-minute exploratory call to provide you with concrete strategies for managing your emotions and reaching your goals. Don't miss out on this opportunity – book your slot today before they're all taken. We look forward to helping you succeed and being of service to you!

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  • C-Level Executives Coaching | Brighter Leaders | Stockholms Län

    Become a better leader Leadership training programs Coaching for c-level executives Team development Read More WELCOME TO YOUR DEVELOPMENT JOURNEY Experience the difference Do you want to improve your communication, increase your presence, become sharper at setting goals & following them up, motivate your team, develop leadership skills to become the leader you see yourself to be in the eye of your mind... ​ At Brighter Leaders you can find the tools you need to change your mindset, create the necessary space for important and positive changes in your life and business. BECOME A BRIGHTER LEADER Brighter Leaders' Corporate Presentation Play Video TALK TO AN EXPERT COACHING FOR ALL YOUR ORGANIZATIONAL NEEDS C-Level Executive HR CEO Less stress, more confidence - Are you struggling to become the strong, confident leader you once were ... - Is your energy, enthusiasm or motivation low ... - Do you want a change ... Certainly Brighter Leaders’ quality awarded Executive Coach will help you move from where you are now to where you envision. FIND OUT HOW Create real change and feel recognized Do you want to know: - How to retain employees? - How do you develop good leadership? - How do you become a successful HR Manager? Brighter Leaders has the right tools to help you achieve your goals and gain peace of mind, increase confidence, growth and development, receive recognition from from your peers and colleagues. FIND OUT HOW The best executive and a successful team Do you feel time is not enough, things go slower than desired, some leaders in the organisation don’t embrace change? If you desire real change and breakthroughs, to develop mindset and provide good guidance and support throughout the organisation, Brighter Leaders is for you. FIND OUT HOW BOOK AN EXPLORATORY CALL TEAM COACHING How can team coaching help create a sustainable change? Coaching has several benefits for companies, such as improved profitability, increased productivity and better customer satisfaction. Check out our online and IRL training for your team. TEAM COACHING COACHING BENEFITS Improve communication Achieve clarity Peace of mind Increase self-confidence Personal and professional growth and development A sense of satisfaction Energetic and motivated Achieve desired results and outcomes Deeper level of learning Increases employee engagement Growth within management team Growth within the whole organisation Improves individual and team performance CUSTOMER REVIEWS “I've had contact with Lizzie for a number of years and hired her when I was head within the public sector, where she held a personal leadership program for me. During the time I've had the privilege of knowing Lizzie, I've come to appreciate the honesty, trustworthiness, knowledge and commitment she has shown. I highly recommend Lizzie and my ambition is to be able to hire her again in my current position. ” Raymond Holmström, HR-manager/ Group Manager at Projektstaben BECOME A BRIGHTER LEADER To the top

  • Contact Us | Brighter Leaders | Coaching Services

    We want to help you! Contact us to know how we can help your organization or yourself with leadership development and management training. #coaching First name Email What challenges do you want to manage successfully? Choose a challenge arrow&v If you chose "other", please let us know how we can help you: Submit Get in touch For personal coaching or to develop skills to work with your team Call us For all other inquiries you can also Send us an email #coaching

  • ABOUT US | Brighter Leaders

    BRIGHTER LEADERS Brighter Leaders stands out both for smart (bright) and goal-oriented leaders as well as responsive and open to connect with their real selves and others (bright as in luminous) . The working approach is based on encouraging reflection and, through experience and tools, helps to new insights that lead to concrete actions. Brighter Leaders believe that leadership skills can be trained and improved. By adapting these skills to each individual situation, efficiency increases at both individual and business level. A person's success creates joy, motivation and satisfaction. Achieving the desired results and goals with balance in life is a wonderful feeling that boosts the individual and the environment around them. Together with our customers, we create a motivated feeling and positive development for the team, the individual and the company. Brighter Leaders wishes to contribute with knowledge, insights and tools to improve leadership skills for those who want to grow and develop. REQUEST MORE INFO Business leaders who trusted Brighter Leaders LIZZIE CLAESSON Brighter Leaders was founded by Lizzie Claesson. She has a background as a management consultant and has for over 20 years given customers the right tools and knowledge to help them reach their full potential, which has paved the way for individual and company success. Lizzie has a Swedish, Spanish, English and Danish Coaching Certification accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council ( ). "Stop worrying about how to level up your leadership" is an e-book written by Lizzie to help customers take inspired actions to achieve their goals and dreams, by helping them seek the answers within. Lizzie Claesson Brighter Leaders' Founder & CEO e-Book "Stop worrying about how to level up your leadership" MEET THE TEAM CUSTOMER REVIEWS “I've had contact with Lizzie for a number of years and hired her when I was head within the public sector, where she held a personal leadership program for me. During the time I've had the privilege of knowing Lizzie, I've come to appreciate the honesty, trustworthiness, knowledge and commitment she has shown. I highly recommend Lizzie and my ambition is to be able to hire her again in my current position. ” Raymond Holmström, HR-manager/ Group Manager at Projektstaben FIND US SOCIAL MEDIA ​ ​ ​ CONTACT US ​ Call us ​ Send us an email ​ Find our offices Phone number E-mail Location Mail Location Phone GET IN TOUCH To the top

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