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It is crucial how prepared you as a manager are before, during and after the employee interview. The well-being of your employees will affect their performance.


The employees are the most important resource the company has and together with customers and suppliers they become the company's best ambassadors.


No matter how many employee conversations you have had, you always have the opportunity to sharpen up.


In this material, you will receive questions and tips that will give depth and breadth to the conversation with your employees.


This material will be extra valuable for you who are not used to holding employee development talks.

Support for employee development talks

  • You get a 15 min call with business and leadership developer Lizzie Claesson before the interview and before your employee receives the background questions. In this conversation, Lizzie Claesson will ask you questions as a manager and possibly adapt the material so that it best suits your and the company's needs.


    You get information in the form of questions that the employee must think about on their own, questions you need to think about in advance and questions that you need to address together. The reflection questions addressed in the form are grouped under the following topics:

    1. The mission
    2. The company
    3. Feedback to the manager
    4. Feedback to employee
    5. Self-assessment
    6. Next steps


    Follow-up: Following up on a call is as important as conducting it. During a phone call or zoom meeting (approx. 15 min) you will get tips on how to succeed with this.

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