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Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

Brighter Leaders' Vision is to become a multimillion business within leadership and coaching working with clients all over the world. Through Brighter Leaders we help others grow and make a positive impact in society.

Our Mission is to help thousands of people strengthen their leadership and skills, so they consistently take inspired action to achieve their goals and dreams.
We help them seek the answers within.
We catalyse the process of self-understanding so that leaders and clients achieve their goals faster and easier than ever before releasing self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

Our core values are represented by our team, integrated by people with multiple cultural backgrounds who share a deep desire to find solutions, who wish to balance emotional states of mind and heart. Amazing individuals who wish to level up their communication and leadership skills, who won’t give up and are open to learn and grow both mentally and emotionally. Together we grow, share, learn, feedforward and have fun!

Meet the team

Lizzie Claesson Brighter Leaders' Founder and CEO & Certified Executive Coach

Lizzie Claesson

Brighter Leaders' Founder & CEO | Certified Executive Coach

Neusa Cordeiro profile photo

Neusa Cordeiro

Web Editor | SEO | UX/UI Design Officer

Julia Andersson.jpeg

Julia Andersson

Social Media Officer

Priya Picture.jpeg

Priya Chimnani

Client Quality Officer


Benjamin Appiah

Lead Generation/LinkedIn Events Officer

See why it's worth joining us

Being part of a dynamic inclusive culture where employees may grow and develop to become the best version of themselves. We care about our team so it's important to help them develop their skills and have access to webinars and forums for their specific areas of know-how.

By working side by side with a transformational coach, employees develop as well their inner game, that is their mindset and belief system that helps them release blockers while achieving their goals and personal development.

Working Together

Join our team

We are not currently recruiting for any positions at Brighter Leaders. However, we can take on new staff for a variety of roles, so please do come back soon and keep an eye on our social media channels.

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