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At the core of our ethos, we excel in transforming underperforming individuals into exemplary achievers. Brighter Leaders is synonymous with cultivating astute, goal-surpassing leaders who are also adept at forging genuine connections with themselves and others. Our method champions introspection and leverages experience and strategic tools to spark revelations that drive decisive action.

We staunchly believe that leadership is not a fixed trait but a skill set that can be honed and refined. Tailoring these skills to fit each unique scenario, we unlock heightened efficiency that elevates both the individual and the organization.

The ripple effect of a person's triumph is undeniable—it fosters joy, ignites motivation, and fuels satisfaction. There's a profound elation in meeting and exceeding goals while maintaining life's equilibrium—a sensation that propels both the individual and their collective sphere.


In partnership with our clients, we instigate a culture of motivated progress and positive evolution for teams, individuals, and enterprises. Brighter Leaders is committed to imparting wisdom, insights, and practical tools to enhance leadership abilities for those eager to ascend and evolve.

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Lizzie Claesson, the founder of Brighter Leaders, brings a deep understanding of the unique pressures faced by CEOs, HR professionals, and C-level executives. With a keen insight into the constraints of time and budget, Lizzie leverages her expertise to offer innovative solutions aimed at revolutionizing employee performance. Her goal is to not just meet but surpass company KPIs.

With a background as a management consultant and 25 years of business experience, Lizzie has equipped numerous clients with the essential tools and knowledge for reaching their full potential, contributing significantly to both individual and organizational success. Her diverse qualifications include Swedish, Spanish, English, and Danish Coaching Certifications accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. (

In December 2022, Lizzie's exceptional coaching abilities were acknowledged when she was named one of Stockholm's top coaches by Influence Digest.

Additionally, Lizzie is an acclaimed author with impactful works like 'Stop Worrying About How To Level-Up Your Leadership' and 'From Suffering to Surfing,' the latter achieving the #1 spot on Amazon.

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Lizzie Claesson

Brighter Leaders' Founder & CEO

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"When I met Lizzie one year ago I was not sure about my personal nor professional next steps!
It can happen to anyone, especially after a great 4,5 years experience where I put all my energy at work! Now thanks to Lizzie´s warm approach combined with personalised and professional advice, I feel much stronger and certain about my qualities, my leadership profile and weaknesses to improve myself while enjoying all aspects of life!"


"This would not have been possible without Lizzie´s approach and understanding, therefore I highly recommend her for personal and/or group leadership coaching to any forward looking company or individual wanting to make an impact and be satisfied in life! Thank you Lizzie for all you did for me!"

Eva Panerese, Senior Director Marketing at Global level


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