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Brighter Leaders stands out both for smart (bright) and goal-oriented leaders as well as responsive and open to connect with their real selves and others (bright as in luminous). The working approach is based on encouraging reflection and, through experience and tools, helps to new insights that lead to concrete actions.


Brighter Leaders believe that leadership skills can be trained and improved. By adapting these skills to each individual situation, efficiency increases at both individual and business level.

A person's success creates joy, motivation and satisfaction. Achieving the desired results and goals with balance in life is a wonderful feeling that boosts the individual and the environment around them.


Together with our customers, we create a motivated feeling and positive development for the team, the individual and the company. Brighter Leaders wishes to contribute with knowledge, insights and tools to improve leadership skills for those who want to grow and develop.

About Brighter Leaders

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Brighter Leaders was founded by Lizzie Claesson. She has a background as a management consultant and has for over 20 years given customers the right tools and knowledge to help them reach their full potential, which has paved the way for individual and company success. Lizzie has a Swedish, Spanish, English and Danish Coaching Certification accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (


"Stop worrying about how to level up your leadership" is an e-book written by Lizzie to help customers take inspired actions to achieve their goals and dreams, by helping them seek the answers within.

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Lizzie Claesson

Brighter Leaders' Founder & CEO

Meet Lizzie
Results for our customers


"When I met Lizzie one year ago I was not sure about my personal nor professional next steps!
It can happen to anyone, especially after a great 4,5 years experience where I put all my energy at work! Now thanks to Lizzie´s warm approach combined with personalised and professional advice, I feel much stronger and certain about my qualities, my leadership profile and weaknesses to improve myself while enjoying all aspects of life!"


"This would not have been possible without Lizzie´s approach and understanding, therefore I highly recommend her for personal and/or group leadership coaching to any forward looking company or individual wanting to make an impact and be satisfied in life! Thank you Lizzie for all you did for me!"

Eva Panerese, Senior Director Marketing at Global level


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