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Your impact as a leader depends on you, on your ability to define your role and grow and develop in it.


With this service you will, together with a leadership developer from Brighter Leaders, get the opportunity to reflect and evaluate what impact your leadership has, based on concrete aspects.

Leadership impact assessment

  • Based on these five aspects below, you will be listened to and challenged by Lizzie Claesson.


    Goals: in some organizations the goals are very clear, while in more complex matrix organizations goals from different parties can sometimes even be conflicting.


    Delegation: the best leader is the one whose team can work without.


    Openness and vulnerability: being open and showing a part of your vulnerability in a genuine way makes you get further with your team.


    Flexibility and firmness: to be adaptable to situations and individuals while being true to your values.


    Self-evaluation and evaluation from your team: to go back, reflect and ask yourself power questions.


    You can expect increased self-awareness and concrete actions to ensure that your leadership has a greater degree of impact on your team and in your organization.

  • You choose whether you want to meet online (via Zoom or Teams) or IRL at your workplace or at Brighter Leaders' offices on Vendevägen 89, Danderyd.

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