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You may be at that moment in life where you feel that something needs to change but you may not yet have identified what.

What this development program will give you is:


Learn more about yourself and why you react the way you do.


Understand others better, giving you a clear benefit in developing better personal relationships. Your discussions will be more fruitful and you will spend less energy trying to convince others.


You will be better at giving and receiving feedback, which is crucial for your continued development as well as the development of those around you that are important to you.


Explore what really motivates you, which your driving forces are, your strengths, your dreams.


You will identify concrete steps to take that your leadership developer will follows you upon.


Throughout the program, your leadership developer will be your "buddee" who boosts you, helps you, listens to you and challenges you in a respectful way.

Leadership in your private life

  • You and your leadership developer, Lizzie Claesson, meet during 6 months, 1.5 hours once a month. You have access to your leadership developer by phone and email at all times to lift your thoughts, feelings and challenges.


    You will get concrete tools to work with which you will be able to use onwards even in job contexts.


    You will be getting access to more than 20 years of experience within leadership with successfully achieved results and very satisfied clients.

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