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You might be at that point in life where you feel something needs to change but you might just yet not identified what.


Learning more about yourself and understanding why you react the way you do is the core of any development process.


What this tool will provide you is:


Understanding others better, giving you a clear gain in developing better work and personal relashionships. Your discussions will be richer and you will spend less energy in understanding others or trying to sell your ideas to others.


You will get much better att giving and taking feedback which is crucial in order to keep developing and develop those around you both at work as in your personal life.

Personal profile analysis

  • This is what you can expect:


    - Understand your natural motivational factors


    - Develop understanding of how your communication and behavior affect others


    - Understand, respect and evaluate individual differences


    - Develop strategies for improved cooperation and for a safer and stronger work team


    The analysis consists of 24 online statements where you are expected to click on the word that matches best and the word that matches best. The questionnaire can be answered in over 30 languages.


    You have ten days to answer the questions after the purchase. Once you have submitted your answers, you will receive a link to a 20 min long video that contains practical exercises. Expect the exercises to take about 15 minutes.


    Then you will be contacted by Lizzie Claesson for an online feedback meeting of 1 hour, where you will be able to discuss, understand and take concrete steps towards a stronger and sharper self-leadership.


    VAT will be added at checkout.

  • "Thanks for a rewarding meeting with you! I feel strengthened with the help of reflection that results in wise insights. "


    "New to focus on emotion instead of output. To focus on what I want."


    "Now I have one concrete action plan going forward. "


    "Gave me things to reflect on, looking forward to moving forward with my development. I now feel more committed, I feel hope that some change can happen."


    "New insights that increase my own understanding and understanding of others."


    "It describes me, I recognize myself, is true both professionally and privately. I do not want to make quick decisions, I want to improve. It was very good."


    "Gave me the opportunity to see myself from different perspectives. I need to get better at adapting. "


    "It needs to be digested and thought about. Deep analytically work, good for me to think of deep values. "

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