Is it time for a development talk with your employees?

Some advice for you who are going to hold the development interview with employees:

  • Create a good climate in the conversation, try to listen on a deeper level and receive feedback. A good thumb rule is 70-30, where you as a manager should listen 70% and talk 30%. Feel free to ask open follow-up questions. Open questions are those that help the employee to talk e.g. Why? When did you experience it? How? Can you describe more? How?

  • Try to handle the answers in a responsive way. For example, you can say something like "I hear what you say, let me come back" or "can you develop", "what do you mean when you say…"

  • It is good to give positive encouragement during the conversation and ask questions when you see that the employee does not have self-insight in their areas of development, e.g. "How could you…", "what would it mean if you for instance should...

  • Ending a conversation clearly is as important as starting it clearly. Keep track of time without stressing. Rather set aside more time than too little.

  • Ask the employee to sum up the conversation and fill in what he / she has missed.

  • Important things to bring with you at the end of the conversation are:

  • Who does what and when

  • What is to be documented

  • How should the conversation live on during the year as a clear plan for the work.

Were these tips helpful? You can download the questionnaires that forms the basis for your employee development meeting here.

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