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5 ways to be a more impactful leader

Your impact as a leader depends on you, on your ability to define your roll and grow and develop in it. Here comes five concrete aspects to consider:

Goals: in some organisations the goals are very clear. If this is so for you your challenge might be to keep your team focused and motivated towards these goals.

In more complex matrix organisations goals from different parties might sometimes even be contradictory. In this case it might be so that you and your team need to discuss and decide how to manage this contradictions so that the team doesn't spend energy on the wrong things and looses its energy and drive.

Delegate: the best leader is the one whose team can work without. You delegate to your team members depending on interest areas and competencies. At the same time you create the best organizational conditions for your team to do its work.

Be open, vulnerable: to show strength is in some business cultures a positive trait. To be open and show some of your vulnerability in a genuine way will get you longer with your team even in such cultures. We are all people before leaders.

Flexibility and firmness: to be adaptive to situations and to individuals without loosing your values. The clearer you are with your team about your values the easier it will be to stand strong when tough decisions need to be taken so that they don't take you as rigid and inflexible but instead true and genuine.

Self-evaluation and evaluation from your team: to step back , reflect and ask yourself some powerful questions such as "what am I proud of in my leadership?", "what would I like to improve?" will get you longer for each time. Asking feedback from your team about concrete situations will help you better understand them and yourself.

Would you like to assess the impact of your leadership? Learn more here.

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