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When adversity is at your door

Have you ever had a client agree to a deal, only to have the scope of the investment change significantly by the time the deal was supposed to close?

When you and the client get in touch again because now it’s time to make the deal happen the client tells you: ”Well actually this is no longer the scope of investment that we are thinking of, actually it’s only a third of the original size.”

When you hear this from the client you try to hide your surprise because you were already counting on that deal since you had shaken hands on it. You had already planned in your mind how this would benefit your team, how it would benefit the company. How this would give you the resources to serve your current clients even better.

Being the good sales and business executive you are, you rapidly see the positive in this new situation: the deal is not off, at least you have a third coming in. You agree to get in touch in a couple of days again and fine tune the details.

A few days later as you are expecting to fine tune, the client tells you that he needs to check internally a couple of things before you can move ahead and suggests you talk again in a couple of days.

So in a couple of days you get in touch with your client again, only to hear that the deal will not even be of 1/3 of the original size. Talking internally the client realized that the deal might actually not even be on at all. At this point your jaw drops down…

It can be frustrating and disheartening, especially when you’ve already planned for the resources the deal was supposed to bring in… the investments that as a managing executive you need to make for your employees, for the development of the company and for the best for your clients.

At Brighter Leaders we understand the challenges of managing emotions in the business world and know how to turn setbacks into opportunities.

How to see the positive in every situation and how to learn from everything that happens, and see there are no failures. Failures are there to tell us that we need to take another road.

Just like the executive in this story, if you're experiencing trouble managing your emotions or reaching your goals, let Brighter Leaders help you turn your breakdowns into breakthroughs

We look forward to helping you succeed and being of service to you!

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