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Turn your fear to fail into your fuel

Fear is neither good nor bad. Your fears can be useful to you when they help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Fear of making the wrong investment decision for the company you work for, thus potentially affecting negatively the lives of many colleagues and employees could help you be more precautious, analytical, check all the facts and ask the necessary follow up questions so that your decision helps you reach the goals and outcome you envision.

However it is also true that your fears might be standing in your way. Fear of making the wrong decision leading to you losing face and credibility, could take you to some kind of decision paralysis where you justify your -not taking action- in rational ways thus not addressing the real issue behind: your fears.

Throughout the years of working with executive leaders at different levels and in varied industries we learnt that the sooner you address your fears the sooner you can get rid of those not serving your goals and dreams.

Here’s a short exercise you can practice:

Write down all the fears you might have, sorted out by areas. For instance related to career, your team, family, friends… The more the better.

For each fear ask your intuition: Is this true?

All those not being true, you may cast away. For those being true ask yourself: How high is the probability of happening?

Those with low probability you may cast away until they show up again as highly probable. For the rest you may ask yourself: What is the worst thing that may happen if this should become true?

What could be worse in your life in the long run, the fear of failure or the fear of not trying?

Understanding how our fears work, what triggers them and how we may turn them into the fuel in our leadership and lives is something we work with in our coaching programs for executive leaders. Book an exploratory call where we may discuss your goals and your current struggles and see if our leadership program would be a good fit for you.

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