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The seller is a key player

Seller is something you become, not something you are born into. We all have different conditions from the beginning: some are driven and do not hesitate to contact potential customers, others follow a strict sales process with each customer. The basis for effective sales is first and foremost:

  • have a clear picture of which sales skills are required in your particular organization

  • have a clear picture of your core competencies (those you exercise naturally without thinking much about) and your learned competencies (those which you have acquired through life and jobs)

  • understand the customer's needs and meet each customer where he / she is

  • adapt your communication and behavior to the customer's

To become a sharper salesperson and get the entire sales team to reach the next level, insight and training are required. Imagine how it feels when you become the sharp salesperson you always wanted to be. If you lead a sales team, imagine how it feels when the team reaches the next level.

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