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Take your team to the next level

It's not uncommon in an organization that leaders develop at different paces. Therefor it is healthy to assess where your team is as a team and as individuals. Besides the business side of the company, income, market share, revenue as CEO or VP one major concern should be the wellbeing of your first line directs. When your first line directs are developing at the pace each one desires and envisions they will be able to contribute to the team so that the team has the best possible ground to get to the next level.

In other words your team will only be able to perform at its best as long as everyone in the team is using his/ hers potential. So if you feel your team is not performing at the levels you envision it might be time to invest in your leaders development.

Some companies develop internal leadership programs. These are a good start to give leaders some tools and create awareness. My experience from over 20 years of working with development of leaders and businesses is that you get the best effect and ROI when your leaders get with 1-on-1 coaching.


Coaching connotes unlocking a person's possibilities to maximize their performance. This means encouraging and supporting a person to develop their own way of thinking, being and learning as well as developing attitudes in order to achieve company, team and personal goals.

Coaching sessions guided by an external coach will provide the participant a forum to develop insights on her/ his leadership skills and identify concrete actions to improve these skills in order to develop on a personal basis, increase efficiency and achieve identified goals during and after the duration of the leadership coaching program.

The first step to assess your team would be an individual assessment of the leaders. Learn more about Brighter Leaders' Leadership Assessments.

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