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Steal these 3 speed strategies

YOU are unique. Your situation as a leader, however, is not unique.

Strategy #1: Awareness

If you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • You have often more things to do than your available time

  • You don’t have time to reflect, pause or plan and if you do you seldom can follow your plans coz there are always unplanned things coming up that need your attention

  • You are a man/ woman short in your team. Everyone is doing their own work and more

  • The short term goals change faster than desired not giving time to evaluate if the strategies and tactics were appropriate, not being able to adjust before it’s time to change strategies again

  • You are in a fast growing industry where change is more the regular norm than the exception

  • It becomes more and more challenging to motivate the team and sometimes even yourself

You are far from alone in experiencing these. Many leaders in and outside of your industry are having similar challenges. Leaders open up and share with us that they are debating internally how long they are really willing to run the rat-race. Many are looking for a more balanced work-life situation.

Strategy #2: Intention

Don’t get surprised if your situation doesn’t change, if you keep doing what you are doing. When nothing different happens, well… nothing different will happen.

The next couple of questions will separate the leaders reading this, in two categories:

The committed ones: who will put into action a change.

The interested ones: who will say they want to make a change but in reality won’t change anything.

The questions for you, before you go on, are:

  • How badly do you want a change

  • How could your life improve if you implement a change

  • How could your life detriment if you don’t do anything differently

Please paus and take the time to reflect on these questions.

Strategy #3: Action

If you’re committed here’s what we can offer. It is not new in any way. You’ve done this before, so you know the results it will give you. This is more a reminder to break the pattern you’re stuck in right now.

”Sometimes you need to slow down and recalibrate to pick up speed again.”

Book time in your calendar to reflect on your current priorities.

Write down priorities in categories, for instance, health, relationships, team, own career, results, whatever is important for you.

In each category write down all you come up with that you wish to accomplish.

Finally prioritize the actions in each category and start with max 3 priorities at a time, choosing from priority one in each category.

Ask yourself, what is the worst thing that may happen if priorities number 2, 3 or 4 in each category need to wait?

This will give you a hint if your priorities are set right.

We help leaders like you develop and achieve their goals and dreams faster and easier. You don’t need to do it alone and invent the wheel again. We can give you a blueprint that has worked for thousands of leaders. Let’s meet and start improving the aspects in your leadership that need advancement.

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