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Setting Clear Intentions for Peak Performance

clear intentions for peak performance

In the midst of the second quarter of the year, it's an opportune time to reflect on our aspirations, desires, and goals.

These reflections serve as the foundation for setting clear intentions that will lead us towards the life we aim to manifest.

Amidst this contemplation, three fundamental questions arise:

  1. What do I want more of?

  2. What do I want less of?

  3. What am I satisfied with?

These queries form the bedrock upon which our intentions for the future are built.

Reflecting on Intentions:

Setting clear intentions for peak performance isn't merely about drafting resolutions or setting arbitrary goals. It's a deliberate process that involves introspection and self-discovery.

To pave the way for a purposeful year, it's crucial to ponder these questions:

  • Desires for More: Consider what aspects of life bring you joy, fulfillment, and growth. Is it stronger connections with loved ones, professional achievements, personal development, or a healthier lifestyle?

  • Need for Less: Reflect on the elements that drain your energy or hinder your progress. Is it excessive stress, toxic relationships, self-doubt, or unproductive habits?

  • Acknowledging Satisfaction: Identify the areas where you feel content and fulfilled. Recognizing and appreciating these aspects helps in maintaining balance and gratitude.

Harnessing Intentions into Action:

How can one tap into the right intentions and align them with actions effectively?

  • Mindful Planning: Outline specific, actionable steps toward your intentions. Break them down into manageable tasks to create a roadmap for progress.

  • Visualization and Affirmation: Visualize your desired outcomes and affirm them through positive self-talk. This practice enhances motivation and resilience.

Allan Nielsen, Managing Director ColliCare Logistics AB - Sweden

"We have followed Lizzie on Linkedin and her newsletters, which we liked as inspiration so it was easy to book Lizzie for our management team meeting. Lizzie is a true professional with warmth and humor. She really challenged us and gave us some really good tools to keep developing and growing as individuals as well as ta company for better results."

Anki Miiro, Owner Hair & Nu

“I have run a small business for many years and often felt inadequate as a leader. After about a year with Lizzie, I feel much more secure in my role. Our group works so much better."

"The biggest thing has probably been that I have learned that the clearer I am with what I want with the business and where I am going, the more I have brought the group with me. Lizzie has been a sounding board in various matters. It has felt safe to be able to call her in situations where I felt unsure of how to act. "

Sofia Eriksson, Marketing and Communications Director at Kone Scandinavia

"Lizzie combines theory with practice and was able to quickly identify my triggers to reach out and make me work with myself on a deeper level. She creates a safe environment where real development happens. I can really recommend Lizzie to anyone who wants to work with their personal leadership."

The Leadership Growth Acceleration™ system emphasizes:

  • Mental Mindset Cultivation: Cultivate a growth-oriented mindset, embracing challenges as opportunities for learning and innovation.

  • Emotional Well-being: Nurturing emotional intelligence and resilience crucially contributes to effective leadership and personal fulfillment.

  • Skills and Knowledge Enhancement: Continuously invest in learning and upgrading skills, fostering adaptability and competence.

  • Balancing Home and Work Environment: Prioritize a harmonious equilibrium between personal life and professional commitments for holistic growth.

What steps will take you there?

So, let's use this moment to set intentions grounded in action. That way, we're not just dreaming or hoping, we're making things happen.

This is not a sales call, so leave your wallet at home. We offer the chance to explore together and share our experience with you.

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