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Productivity VS Activity

Many of the leaders we help grow their careers share with us the wish they had more time. We sometimes hear: ”I need better time management”.

What we tell these leaders is that what they really need is a better activity management.

Do you recognize yourself being more busy than you’d like and yet not achieving your big goals with life-work balance? You’re not alone.

The first question we suggest you ask yourself is:

Are you committed to changing your habits or are you just interested?

The difference is:

If you are committed: you’ll do whatever it takes

If you are interested: you’ll do what’s easy to do and give up when you meet stronger inner or outer resistance

If you’re interested stop reading right now since this will not help you. If you’re committed keep on reading…

The first thing we suggest you do in order to get out of your current situation is to be aware of what is happening in your leadership and life.

In a calm state of mind look at your leadership and life as if you were watching a movie, without any shame, blame, guilt, judgment or justification.

Then ask yourself empowering questions like:

How can I do even more impactful things today?

What is the highest income or impact activity I need to focus on today?

Take a small powerful step towards your new habits and do this no matter what, day in day out until it becomes your new default pattern.

If you like us prefer faster and easier, take help of an expert. Book a 15 min exploratory meeting with us. We have only a few slots to offer.

Looking forward to help you find your new leadership identity.

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