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Listen to your intuition

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Do you recall that time when you gave the perfect answer or said the words that were appropriate to the situation or that were exactly what the other person needed to hear? Or you found the solution to a problem when you were training, taking a shower, walking to work or doing something completely different?

Maybe you were in a meeting and somehow you started daydreaming and though being present in your body you were mentally somewhere else - and then suddenly violà magic happens! That thought comes to you. The expression ”the bulb lit up” coming true, without you really making an effort.

Have you ever wondered why that happens and have you ever had the thought ”I wish there was just a switch that I could turn on to suddenly get these great ideas, to have these amazing words coming out of my mouth. Well you see, the network in our brain called ”imagination” gets easily activated when we are daydreaming or are very relaxed in a good state of mind. Thats when we have the possibility to access these experiences.

One way of having more of these experiences is working with your stress management. By being aware of when you’re feeling stress. It could be mental stress, worrying, anxiety. It could be not knowing about the future that could be creating stress. It could be a family situation, difficult challenge at work. It could be various things that are creating stress. You might be somewhat more or somewhat less aware of what’s creating stress. When we are stressed - we activate the stresscenter in our brain and deactivating the motivational center.

The first step to take is to acknowledge that stress, and find the answer to what is really creating it, which might not necessarily be the first answer you come up with.

When you get an answer, ask yourself again - is this the real reason why I feel stressed, or is there something else? So you get deeper into your inner-self in a process of uncovering. Like peeling off the layers of an onion until you get to the core of what is really happening.

When you have reached the core of what’s causing your stress then you can ask yourself if that’s true. Thats’ when you start listening to your intuition. That could also be described as an inner voice, or when you are in a higher state of mind, when you’re listening to the answer that you have within yourself and you ask yourself - Is this true?

If the answer is NO - then you need to release whatever is causing your stress. If the answer is YES you can try to reframe that situation and ask yourself - What can I learn from this? What can I do to change this situation?

It might not necessarily be a change in the physical sense. It could very well be a change in your approach towards that situation that will create different feelings, different emotions , different thoughts that will calm down the stress center.

The intuition speaks another language. If you listen to it, it will guide you. It is gentle, it is not shouting and demanding, like that other voice you might sometimes listen to that wants to be in control all the time, dictating limiting beliefs, conditioned by old patterns that not necessarily serve you. Say to this voice ”thank you for sharing, I will come back to you if I need more of your assistance”.

Many of us worry what other people might think of us, but we can never control what others think of us, we can control who we want to be and be our true selves, that some will like and some not. Being genuine, inviting, so the people that naturally like you do so for who you really are.

Listening more often to your intuition might be hard when you’re not used to it, it’s a skill. You can train it up and enjoy its many positive and powerful outcomes.

I am sure you’ve heard this phrase ”the answers lay all within yourself”.

You may access them through your intuition, by uncovering the different layers within. When you truly peel off those layers and get into the core you will feel that you are getting the answers that are in line with your true genuine self.

Working with revealing the core, working with uncovering these different levels is one of the techniques we use at Brighter Leaders to help leaders uncover the real answers by asking them empowering questions.

If you too would like us to ask you questions that you haven’t been asked before, and if you would like to learn how to ask yourself better questions, more empowering questions, questions that move you towards a solution, questions that help you in situations so you feel more fulfilled, happier, more effective at work - more like your higher self…

Book a 15 min discovery call where we will happily challenge you with questions that will help you develop professionally and personally.

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