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Learn why well-being should be your top priority

When you value your well-being, your energy increases, you get more done, become more creative, happier and can cope with adversity better. The benefits of feeling good are so many. There is hardly anyone who needs to be convinced of that. Still, many do not have well-being as their top priority. Why? There are explanations for this, but let us instead focus on what you can do to prioritize your own well-being, that of your team, colleagues' and those you spend time with off work.


Here's how to prioritize your own well-being:

  • Stay active. Your body needs both physical and mental stimulation.

  • Keep in touch with positive people who increase your energy. Think about which people in your environment you should have more contact with and which ones you should have less contact with.

  • Experience new things. It can be about learning something or doing something new.

  • Find out which diet fits you best and make small successive changes in your diet. Normally, everyone can reduce their sugar and fat intake. Eat varied. Eat raw vegetables at every meal, and vary them. A thumb rule is that the vegetables you eat should have different colors (different colors= different vitamins and nutrients).

  • Give your time and attention to others without expecting anything in return. Many people feel short of time, do not have time for what they have at hand. It is often a matter of prioritizing better. If you want, there is always time for the important things. (When there's a will, there's a way). It is proven that giving freely to others gives joy and increases well-being. The most important thing you can give is yourself.

  • Ask yourself powerful questions every day. Some examples are: what am I happy with, what do I want more of in my life, what made me experience joy, what would I like to do differently tomorrow.

Your team

As your team members' well-being increases, they not only feel better but also perform better. The reason for prioritizing well-being is not that performance will increase, this is a consequence. Just like with your own well-being, there are countless benefits of helping your team members feel good.

To prioritize your team's well-being:

  • Make a special effort to tell your employees when they are doing well. You can do this especially in your next 1-2-1 meeting, but preferably as soon as you see them individually or in front of others.

  • Get to know your staff and colleagues. What does everyone appreciate? A reward for one person is not necessarily seen as a reward for another.

  • Try to reach the heart. It affects deeper than if you appeal to reason.

  • Give yourself time as a leader for regular feedback and dialogue.

  • Make sure your team has good work ethic and is in a good emotional state.

  • Prioritize the interests and passion of each team member. Our motivation increases strongly when we do what we are passionate about. Consequently, we will be very good at it. It increases the feeling of satisfaction and meaning.

  • Give your team members variety in their work.

  • Inspire and support each team member so that he/ she achieves new goals, grows and develops.

  • Include your team members in decision-making that affects them. Having a sense of control over one's own situation increases well-being.

  • Take care of your employees and team members beyond their work. Show appreciation and care. Be a role model and make an impact.

You as a leader will increase your well-being as a consequence of your team members feeling better. When you also follow some of the tips to increase your own well-being mentioned above, you will reach the next level in your development with all the positive consequences that come with it.

Many leaders get in touch with Brighter Leaders looking for a sparring partner in this process. Get in touch to learn what kind of support you can get and what it will mean for you personally and at work.

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