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How to unlock the power of your BRAIN

Some of us use our brain's amazing power more effectively and some use it with less effectiveness thus not really getting the results and outcomes they desire.

Our brains have different networks. Understanding how to best use these networks and how to switch between them, is vital to unlock the power you have within.

Different brain networks

The Default Mode Network also called Imagination, is the state the brain is in when a you’re not thinking about anything in particular, letting your thoughts wander spontaneously.

Like when you’re driving but thinking of something completely different than driving and you make it to your destination without not even have given it the slightest thought since you were occupied with other thoughts.

This network does not process external impressions or work to solve specific problems in a targeted manner as in task-solving mode. Instead, the brain works from material already stored in the brain from past experiences. The good news about this is that this network does lots of things for you without you even having to put any effort.

The bad news is that it will always try to do as you always have and will make it difficult for you to implement changes in your life and it stands for approximately 97% of your decisions.

The Central Executive Network or Pre-Frontal Cortex is responsible for the conscious thinking activity and conscious decision making.

While we set our goals in our Central Executive Network in a conscious way we achieve them in the Default Mode Network.

If you feel you’re not using all of your potential, you’re not getting where you want to get, it might be you need to retrain your brain thus giving your Default Mode Network new experiences that replace the old ones permanently.

There are other networks in our brain, like the Motivation Network, the Emotional Network, the Social Network. We won’t be focusing on them at present.

How to switch between the Thinking and the Imagination networks

If you’re in your Thinking (Central Executive Network) for extensive periods of time you will experience a mental burn out. You might recognize when you feel you’re loosing effectiveness and you’re making decisions that are not as wise.

Take many micro-breaks during your working day. Try 30 seconds once an hour. Try this for two weeks and you’ll see a big difference in your efficiency and the quality of your work.

If you on the other hand are too long in your Imagination (Default Mode Network) you might get stressed about things you strongly hope will never happen but that you believe might happen. Only to confirm later that they didn’t happen and all your worry and stress was completely unnecessary.

Mindfulness meditation is an effective way to reduce Default Mode Network activity. It can help refocus your brain and keep your mind from wandering into stressful territory, like anxieties about the future or reliving in your mind over and over again, negative events from the past.

So what is it you can use more of and how can you unlock your brain’s power?

There are no general formulas that fit all. Your situation is specific and as such needs to be addressed with the specific attention.

If you too have a feeling you’re not using all of your potential and this is bothering you, we invite you to click on this link that will take you to a page where you can book a 30 minutes discovery call with an Accredited and Certified Executive Coach that will take you step by step on how you can finally unlock your potential under 90 days, develop your career while reducing worry without any time consuming practices.

Be an action taker and book your free discovery call now.

By learning how to unlock the power in your brain, you’ll stop standing on the edge of your potential and you’ll start fulfilling more of what you are capable of achieving.

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