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How to overcome fear of failure

During the years I've met many leaders that carry with them the weight of fearing to fail. What is failure really and does the fact that we fail turn us into a failure?

Even though we might fear to fail others the first ones we fear to fail is ourselves. Realizing this is a big first step and is connected to the image we have of ourselves. The more we know about ourselves, the more we accept all our edges the less we will fear failing ourselves. When you as a leader come to that turning point you will no longer be afraid of failing others. This is a learning process in which we have experience and are happy to assist you.

Failures and successes are feedback loops. By focusing on what they are telling you, on what you may learn from them you shift your focus to something productive. You become an explorer of your own experiences.

Fears exist first in our minds. The more we fuel them the larger they get. In some cases fears have grown so much that we treat them as real. At the only thought of them our body might start sweating, our heart might beat faster, our body temperature might rise or decrease, our skin color may change.

This is why development programs can be so effective when done by experienced professionals. One of the things you will discover with Brighter Leaders coaching programs is how to reframe your fears. Get in touch with us and learn how you can upgrade your leadership so that no fear stops you from achieving your dreams!

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