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How to go from possibility to predictability

Would you agree that we are all born with lots of possibilities? We can potentially do great things, achieve great goals, live an extremely happy life. All of this is possible but the possibility alone is not what will make this come true.

It is possible for you to achieve 100% of your goals. But having the knowledge that it is possible is not enough. Wouldn't it be great to know for certain that you will achieve 100% of your targeted goals and start to predict when they will become true instead of hoping they'll become true?

What is it that separates successful from unsuccessful leaders? I would like to say it's three things: mindset, skills & knowledge and action.

if you, when reflecting upon your leadership realize you need to improve your feedback skills, a small first step could be to find out where you can learn more about feedback techniques, then you might step upon the newest within feedback which is feed forward.

Does it make sense that if you don’t change anything in your leadership, you don’t upgrade your mindset, you don’t upgrade your skills and knowledge or you don’t take action you’ll be stuck. You’ll be doing things exactly the same way you always have.

What would be the effect in your leadership affecting your life both at work and privately if you could make your imagination work for you instead of against you. Think about a child, a little child, who is afraid of the dark. What’s happening in this child’s mind?

He thinks in his imagination so strongly that there’s a ghost, or a monster, or some horrible Jack the Ripper waiting to strike in the darkness outside the door of his room, or inside his wardrobe, or even under the bed. So much so that for this child this belief becomes a reality in his mind.

Now think about yourself, what kind of imagination is leading you, is limiting you by telling you: no, you’ll never reach those goals, you’ll never be able to do that, no that’s not for you. Or even telling you NO THAT’S NOT YOU!

Telling you regularly what you can not do. At the same time do you see the opportunity in this? What would happen if your imagination was on the other hand telling you: oh! You’ll definitely achieve those goals! Yes! That’s for you!

Empowering beliefs will take you forward towards your visions and goals, while disempowering beliefs will keep you stuck.

Wish to move forward to make your the vision of your future become reality? Take a first step by getting in touch with Brighter Leaders. The future is already here, stop procrastinating!

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