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How to get past your rationalize (rational-lies)

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Let us start with a short description of what rationalize (rational-lies) is... very briefly described it is when you desire something at a conscious level but it is not in line with your unconscious thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors.

The part of your brain that is running the show, accounting for 97% of all your actions, thoughts, behaviors, is doing it at a level underneath your consciousness.

So even if you say to yourself you wish and desire certain things in your life when they are not in line with your subconscious brain your brain will tell you it is not good for you since one of the main functions of the brain is to keep you safe.

This is when you will start hearing yourself saying ”rational-lies” to yourself, something in line with:

- This is not for me really

- I’m not sure this step is the right one for me right now

- I will be better of as I am

- I can park this and think about it later

Or any other kind of ”lies” that will keep you in your comfort zone even if you are uncomfortable there.

Your brain will rather have you uncomfortable in your comfort zone. The way the brain works, we now know thanks to Harvard University’s research as well as other institutes in the world, is being super great at doing its job: keeping us safe and using the less amount of energy.

In other words your brain doesn’t like change, let alone big change. The question now is how to get past this or are we doomed to stay uncomfortable in our comfort zone? Yes, there are ways to stop the rational- lies and no, we are not doomed to stay uncomfortable.

Here are a few things you can try:

#1 Visualize what it is you desire. Write down your vision with as much vivid description as possible. What are you doing, saying, feeling? Who are you with? What are they doing, saying, feeling? Include colors, sounds, textures.

#2 Read your vision daily emotionalizing it as you read it out loud

When you’ve done this get in touch with us so we may guide you in your journey towards becoming the leaders you wish to be and that you know you are in your mind.

We know there are a couple of obstacles every leader encounters and we know how to help you overcome them with a proven process and with 100% customer satisfaction.

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