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Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits!

During the pandemic some of the challenges became evident quite immediately. Other challenges started coming after a while.

What we are seeing now is that we are having some post-pandemic challenges. Some economies or maybe most of the world’s economies are not doing so well. Recession being present in many of the economies.

If we look for instance at the stock exchange markets, they have all had a very negative impact including the cryptocurrencies which have lost a lot of their value.

In situations like this we hear from some of our clients that they need to adapt to this new situation. However what we are helping many of our clients with is changing their mindset. See things from another perspective.

Instead of trying to limit the challenges they are facing, we are encouraging them and almost pushing them out of their comfort zone in order for them to challenge their limits instead.

We don’t want to see companies laying off people. We read about it in the newspapers, we see it in the news, how companies have to lay-off quite a big number of employees. Your employees are the biggest resource you have. They know the business, the know the company values. They have been investing time, you too have been investing time, making teamwork work effectively to get the synergies.

When you lay-off people, what’s happening is that those synergies get also lost.

The people that are left behind, might feel fortunate at first because they still have their jobs, however it makes it quite difficult for them. The load of work is not reduced – The resources are reduced.

This situations are very challenging for the people remaining in the company.

So much more for the leaders having to lead these employees with now much higher workload, less motivation, with the uncertainty of not knowing – Will I be next? or When might it be my turn? They are probably putting energy into worry and anxiety instead of more motivation and energy in the work that needs to be done, on what may lay on the other side of the hill.

We would like to give you a couple of tips on how you can challenge your limits, instead of trying to limit the challenges that you are facing. One of the things you could do is start seeing each challenge as something positive – What is it that we can learn from this? What is it that could be done?

Brainstorm with your teams and your company. Brainstorm on different levels, even with yourself.

Just doing the exercise, sitting in front of a white page, white board or white document on your computer, or with some post-it notes. Start writing down everything that comes to your mind that could be done. Without limiting yourself. Maybe some of the ideas that come forth might sound crazy at the time you are writing them down, but write them down anyway, don’t limit yourself.

Then take a look at what you have written. What are the actions that could be taken? What could actually be done?

Something that we are bringing up with our clients is that when you are lacking resources, or they are not at the level that you would need them to be, it’s when you need to become resourceful.

Work a lot with the mindset. Among the company, your leaders and employees. Try to see everything from a different perspective. What can we learn? What opportunities does this open up?

Be aware that when a door closes – another one opens. It’s always that way. If you keep focusing on the door that is closed, that is all you will see. You will only see the closed door. You need to switch your focus and find where the open door might be, where are the other possibilities opening up.

Using a crisis, using a challenge, and optimizing from it is what will make the big difference. This is where mastering leadership is shown.

Our passion is to help leaders, help companies thrive, and become the best version of themselves. We have been doing this for years with excellent results. Right now we would like to help you challenge your limits. We would like to help you stop looking at the closed doors and start seeing possibilities that others miss.

Doing this will give you a competitive advantage. This is why we are offering a few time slots of 15 min for discovery calls for anyone willing to take action, that wishes to challenge the situation, that is ready to master leadership. You may click on this link that will take you to a page where you can book your free call. If the available slots don’t work for you, get in touch with us and we can try to open up some more for you.

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