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Do you experience that at your company or organization sometimes it's difficult understanding each other? That it takes more time and effort to communicate than you wished? Are things sometimes not done as you expected or not at all?

We all communicate in different ways, some do it shortly and straight forward, others use many words for what could have been said with a few.

How is the non-verbal communication in your organization? Do you find that some colleagues are more emotionally driven while others may seem emotionally cold?

What you can expect with this workshop is a greater understanding of your different communication styles which will result in employees spending less time understanding each other and more time making things happen.

You will increase the energy level and the team will be more cohesive. You will notice that the team is happier and more efficient.

Strengthen and sharpen your team's communication, Light version

  • The workshop is held for half a day. No preparation is required.

    This workshop will change your way of collaborating including lots of positive benefits such as:

    - more accurate communication

    - better understanding and tolerance between colleagues

    - better efficiency in the team

    - increased energy and motivation

    - less cost in the form of time spent on the wrong things


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