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Your life is largely in autopilot

It is why you keep getting the results you don't like over again.

Understanding how our brain works makes it easier to get it out of autopilot. Newest neuro-science research shows that up to 97% of all our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are automated.

You might wonder how this is so? The sub-conscious part of our brain is in charge of regulating all of our body's functions without us having to think about it at all. It's this great! Imagine the opposite scenario ... having to think before breathing, before starting to walk, before blinking, you get it!

As amazing as our brain is to take care of all these for us while we are engaged in other stuff has its downside. It is now proven that the brains two most important functions is to:

1. keep us safe

2. spare energy

This is why our brain automates as much as it can, even thoughts and feelings which will determine our actions.

Setting goals is easy for us. We do it all the time. Achieving them is another thing. This is because we set our goals with our rational brain, also called Executive Network (accounts for only for 2-3% of our decisions) but we achieve them in our sub-conscious brain also called the Default Mode Network. The more our sub-conscious brain keeps us safe and saves energy the more it will automate thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

This is way, in order to achieve your goals, in order to get different results than the ones you are getting in your life, in order to break free and break through, you need to work with your inner game. Let me share some techniques to do this:

- reframe your thoughts and feelings

- change your beliefs

- be aware of your inner dialogue

- commit with your-self

- once you've decided on a course of action, DO IT!

Brighter Leaders works with the PDEE™ coaching method and uses among others QLT™ to help you get the results you really want faster and easier. We guide you and assist you along the way until you think, feel and act in a more powerful way so that you break free from your brain's habitual patterns that keep you in the same place with the results you've always gotten, moving you forward towards the life you dream of and envision.

If you are ready to make a change in your professional and personal life send an email to: answering these three questions:

✅ What is your biggest challenge right now?

✅ How would your life change when you have successfully overcome your challenge?

✅ What is holding you back?

🔔 I will choose 3 leaders. If you qualify you will get 15 min with me where I will coach you through your challenge.

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