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Time for reflection. Tips!

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Summer time is finally here with warm, sunny weather and time off for many. It's once again a different summer. You can still make the best for you and those around you with the help of positive attitude and time for reflection.

Depending on what you work with or rather how you work, you may not have time left to reflect during the year. Reflection is not difficult when you prioritize it and thus make it a habit.

You can think of the following:

  • What did you get from your last reflection time? What was good and why. With these questions, you get clarity on one of the most important motivating factors: why should you set aside time for reflection.

To change a behavior, for example, start prioritizing something you usually have quite low on your list and consequently never have time to do, you need to be motivated. Therefore, first find your motivation.

  • If reflection is yet not a habit in your life, you may start by setting aside a few minutes a few times a week in a place where you are undisturbed. For me, it's the proximity to the water. There I reflect at my best. Heard once from a customer that the best place to reflect was in front of a white wall. Try different places and see where you reflect best.

What happens now? Should you just sit, lie down or stand there hoping for amazing inspiration? Have heard from customers who have a very hectic year and do not give themselves time to reflect that once they are free and have time, their heads are empty, they get nowhere. It can be frustrating of course.

Try asking yourself these questions:

  • What am I happy with today?

  • What do I want more of tomorrow?

  • In what ways did I show others gratitude or positive feelings?

  • What gave me energy?

  • What did I want to do today that I actually did?

Brighter Leaders helps you lead yourself and lead others, bringing out your best sides, achieve a deeper level of reflection that gives you new insights and takes you further in your development.

Happy summer!

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