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Release your limiting beliefs

It’s not your fault because no one has shown you how to break free, shown you the science of how you change your brain so you change your environment and your results.

Consciously: you desire a change

Subconscious: your limiting beliefs hold you back

Your life style will never go where your mind doesn’t live. Every single change in your life starts in your brain.

There are a couple of things very important to consider:

- your self talk

- your expectation

- managing your emotions

- giving your brain what you want instead of telling it what you don’t want

- believe what you want

- move in a wave of certainty

You need to sell it to yourself and believe it before you can sell it to others. You need to say yes to your conviction not just to what is convenient. Say yes to what It may cost to get there. Say a bold yes.

Are you interested or committed? If you're interested you'll do what is convenient. If you're committed you'll do whatever it takes.

One thing is knowing what to do another thing is doing it. Do you know exactly what is holding you back?

When you’re congruent in thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviors and actions you start focusing on what you want to achieve and you see no more options that distract you.

Don’t wait for success to come to you, go for success. The best plan in the world is worth little if you don’t press the start button. No one else can climb the success ladder for you

Even if you have all the knowledge you need, all the right skillsets, if you don’t put them into action you’ll stay where you are.

I would like you to imagine different futures:

  1. You might be enjoying reading this right now but you don’t take action. What would happen if 2, 4, 6 months from now if you’re still in the same situation?

  2. What would it feel like let’s say if your situation gets worse….

  3. Another future is: today is the day you release your fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back and replace them with empowering beliefs. You take action and start upgrading your mindset and skill set so that you start changing your future together with Brighter Leaders and all the help and support we give you.

Which future do you want more, a future that looks like your present, a worse future or the one I described last: a future where you take action today. All you have to do is say yes to yourself. Don’t let any more excuses or stories stay in your way.

Get in touch with Lizzie Claesson at and book your first meeting.

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