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How to successfully shift focus

How does the thought of being victorious instead of being the victim resonate with you?

Your thoughts are the engine to your feelings and behaviors. Everything ripples out from your thoughts and create a positive or negative impact depending on your initial thoughts.

One first step is therefore to be aware of your thoughts and inner dialogues without blame, shame, judgment or justification. Once you've identified them it is time to decide if these thoughts are empowering or disempowering you.

Empowering thoughts you wish to reinforce. The question is: what do you wish to do with your disempowering thoughts? I understand your rational answer is take them away, not have them anymore but you see it is somewhat deeper than that. Because if all that was needed was the rational will then none of us would ever have disempowering thoughts.

So you might be asking yourself: how do I shift focus so that I may have my attention flowing towards what I desire instead of that I wish to get away from?

There are a couple of exercises and tools that Brighter Leaders works with that you'll probably be interested in knowing more about. Get in touch with us for an exploratory conversation and we'll tell you more:

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