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How to master the power of FOCUS

Unlocking your potential as a leader is our passion. The more leaders we help the more we become a transformational power collaborating to make our societies better for us and the generations to come.

Leaders we meet share with us different challenges they face. One of them is holding consistent levels of focus. High levels of focus give us a sensation of efficiency, control, moving forward, achieving goals and desired outcomes. With it comes even a feeling of satisfaction, completion, awareness, openness to our environment around us.

High levels of focus should not be confused with tunnel vision. Even though in a tunnel vision state we are very focused we lose perspective of other important things happening around us. Which in its turns shows we lacked focus in those aspects.

Focus is very much related to awareness. In neuro-terms we could say that the best focus is when we are using our Alpha brain waves. That is when you’re relaxed and stress-free and can be creative and problem solving oriented.

If you try to focus for long periods of times you’ll find out that you will get tired and your energy levels will drop.

The best way to increase your focus is to focus for shorter periods of time, let’s say 20 min at a time. Then change activity or do something that gets you out of focus. This technique takes time to master.

Those who already master this, take it to the next level where they hyper-focus for 5 min to 7 min, achieving the highest levels of creativity and efficiency without sacrificing other things or getting the negative effects of tiredness and energy loss.

It is proven that day-dreaming or wandering is essential in your life in order to achieve higher and more consistent levels of focus. In order to be sharp and alert you need to be out of focus too.

Here’s a tip, if you are struggling with increasing your focus your real challenge might be to do things that get you completely out of focus. So try doing something every day that doesn’t demand the focus you need to have at work. With consistent practice over time you’ll notice higher levels of flow, productivity and wellbeing derived from better focus.

You too can master the power of being focused. Get in touch with is for a free consultation.

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