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How to improve your communication

We all communicate in different ways, some do so in a short and straight-forward way, others use many words for what could have been said in a few. Some people communicate with the aid of mental pictures, those who when you listen to you can actually "see" in your mind what they are describing. Others communicate by giving facts and technical details. You might find that some of your colleagues are more emotionally driven while others may seem emotionally unaffected.

We all have different communication skills and strengths. We tend to more easily see skills and strengths in others when they are similar to our skills. Whilst other strengths and skills which we don't posses might be more difficult to identity.

It is known that less than 10% of our communication is verbal (some sources say between 5% and 7%), approximately 20% is how we say things (the tone, the speed, the pauses) and the rest of our communication comes from our body. The more we understand our and other's ways of communicating the easier communicating becomes.

There is so much said on communication. The best way of understanding yours and others' different communication styles is to work with it in a practical way.. Reading, going courses, watching videos will give you the theory. But practice you may only gain by doing yourself.

Working with you communication will result in you spending less time understanding others and getting understood, and more time making things happen.

You will increase your and other's energy levels and have a more cohesive team. Well-being and efficiency will also improve.

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