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How to focus on what you can control

At a conscious, rational level we know it takes us nowhere to focus on things we can not affect, like the pandemic, the climate change, the war in Ukraine, our manager's reaction or lack of action, our colleagues behavior, our company's decisions affecting us. Nevertheless we still put energy into these things and give them much more of our attention that would be needed.

Choose today three things you are focusing on that you can not impact and make a decision to stop giving them your time and energy. For each one of these things find something you actually can impact and wish to give your attention to and then, do them!

Hyper focus on why you can, shifting from "I should" to "why I must". What is the highest priority action I can do right now that will take me closer to my goal? Ask yourself this question everyday and right down the answer. Then focus on doing whatever you decided you would do and celebrate your victory for doing. it. In this way you activate your brain's motivational network which will release dopamin and reinforce the feeling of accomplishment.

What happens when you don't do whatever you have committed with yourself to do? You see, when we tell ourselves we will do something and we don't we activate the self-sabotage system. The more we do this the more it becomes a habit.

Braking the self-sabotage habit or any other bad habit will take time and lots of energy. So it's better if you are aware when you are activating it, so you don't.

If you wish to get more insightful thoughts and short training goals you may read the e-Book: Stop Worrying about How to Level-up Your Leadership.

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