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How to achieve the Power of CLARITY

At least a few times in life you might have felt lack of clarity. The feelings associated to this were probably not pleasant. The effects of this lack of clarity were surely far from desirable.

The first thing you could do if you haven’t already, is to put words to whatever it is you are feeling right now. Write down all the feelings you have associated with your current situation.

Look at what you’ve written in a neutral way, without any shame, blame, guilt, rationalization or justification.

Create a strong intention. What is it you wish to do, what feelings would you rather have, what do you wish to do with the feelings you currently have?

Then reflect on any aspect of your life where you feel you have clarity. If you don’t identify any aspects at current, look back in the past.

In those moments of total clarity, of total confidence, of total action orientation: What were you doing? Who were you with? What were you thinking and feeling?

Describe how you see yourself at that moment with as much detail as possible. This will be your anchor. Using anchors is easy when you know how to or you have someone to guide you.

At Brighter Leaders we use this and other practices to help our clients walk the path from unclarity to clarity, from procrastination to action, from uncertainty to certainty, from unhappiness to happiness.

Our passion is to help leaders like yourself be the best version of themselves. We’d like to offer you a 15 min call where we can explore together what your desired situation is and if our coaching programs might be a match for your needs. We only take a few calls per month.

The key to improving your situation is in your hands. Use it! Book a call with us. You have nothing to lose and lots to win.

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