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Dare let go

Sometimes we hold on because we think it's dangerous to let go. From a wider perspective or with the aid of an outside view, we eventually realize that the best thing is to let go. It will not be so dangerous. In fact, this is exactly what we need to do to move on and develop.

Out in the Swedish archipelago with our trimaran, I decided to go on a swim. The weather was warm and beautiful and it did not look like it was blowing out on the water. I swam for a long time and came a good distance from the boat. It felt great to just swim without a goal. Just enjoy swimming, the water and the beautiful landscape of the outer archipelago.

After a while I turned to come back. Did not want to risk getting too tired out in the open water. Suddenly the wind turned. I was not mentally prepared for it even though I know the wind can turn at any time. It became counter-current and hard. It felt like I was not getting anywhere with my swimming. Instead of staying calm and continuing to enjoy the water, the sun and nature, I became anxious and in no time useless thoughts began to form in my head. I saw the boat far away, it felt like a huge distance to cover…

It happens to all of us from time to time that we end up in situations both privately and at work where we lock ourselves in mentally. Being able to let go, see the situation in perspective and feel secure in uncertainty are leadership qualities that can be trained.

... after a while I realized what was happening. I focused so hard on the goal (getting back to the boat) that I stopped trusting my abilities and enjoying the trip that would take me there.

When you as a leader instead of focusing hard on the goal and end up in mental images where the goal feels far away, almost unattainable, focus on doing what you are good at, trust your abilities and enjoy the path to the goal, you succeed in reaching your goals as a consequence, a result, of your actions.

If you want to develop as a leader, there are different ways to go about it. The most important thing is to find a way that suits you. Get in touch to know how this trip might look like for you.

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