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Attitude and tuning

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Attitudes are ways we act to situations or behaviors. Attitudes are quite stable over time and have an emotional dimension, which often makes you act in a certain way.

There are certainly attitudes in you that you like and benefit from. There may also be attitudes that you do not like or that prevent you from getting where you want to go, who you wish to be.

There are attitudes that are learned, they come from your early years and there are those that have come later in your life through the people you interacted with, the environments you moved in and the situations you were in.

There are a number of different tools to more easily identify which attitudes help you develop, have positive energy, feel good and keep track of your blind spots and mental obstacles.

How can you change the attitudes you do not like? How can you help others around you, at work or in your private life, to become aware of attitudes that do not benefit them?

Brighter Leaders helps you choose positive attitudes that take you where you want to go and be who you with to be by developing you as a leader. Look at the different options available for your development.

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