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5 routines highly successful leaders follow

Having a morning and evening routine is a habit widely spread by highly successful people. Success is not just a monetary or power related measure. Success includes work-life balance, health, having time to do what creates joy in life, having meaningful relationships.

This is why highly successful people take the time for a routine before they start their working day and as they finish the day.

What we have noticed during the years of working with thousands of leaders, is that there are some common aspects in what these routines include.

The top #5 things all these leaders do are related to improving all aspects of their lives:

#1 Empowering thoughts and feelings: the very first thing they do with their eyes maybe still closed and even before raising from bed is to say an affirmation, a statement or a question that empowers them. For instance ”What is the most empowering action I can take today?”, ”How can I be even more of service to others?”

#2 Clear intention: they create a clear intention for the day. They answer everyday the question: ”What is my intention for this day?” ”What do I want to see more of in my life today?”

#3 Mindfulness: they start the day with a quiet moment that helps them create awareness. Some use music and do breathing exercises, some sit in a still quiet place. Many of these leaders use short mindfulness moments (3-5 min) even thought the day, to calm many of the networks in the brain in order to increase focus, be in balance and better manage their emotions.

#4 Physical activity: they go for a walk, they train, they have some kind of physical activity that gets their system going respecting their physical possibilities. Some do high impact training, others take power walks, others take long quiet walks, some practice yoga or pilates.

#5 Nutrient intake: they are mindful of what they eat and drink as well as how often and in what quantities. There is no such thing as a healthy diet that fits all. They eat and drink what is healthy for them at their current life situation. They know through acquiring knowledge or working with dietary coaches.

Successful leaders’ routines includes waking up 1-1,5 hours earlier in order to be able to start their working day between 7am-8am. They finish their working days at around 5pm and engage in life’s other endeavors that bring joy, satisfaction and meaning.

They follow their AM/ PM routines thoroughly and repeat them every single day. They adapt them when necessary to better serve them.

We coach CEOs as well as C-level executives and help Heads of HR to develop successful leaders. Don’t let life pass you by. Take conscious action and book a 15 min call that can change your life and the lives of those around you.

When you book your call be clear with your intention, what is it you wish to do differently in your life or what outcome is it you wish to change. What you can expect in this 15 min call, is to meet an experienced executive coach that will help you get some new insight and put this insight into action.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (Chinese proverb)

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