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Business leaders who trust Brighter Leaders

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What makes us different


At Brighter Leaders ...

... we understand that exceptional leadership isn't just about driving results—it's about igniting the human potential within your team.

That's why we go beyond traditional coaching methods to deliver a transformative experience that blends science- backed strategies with a deep understanding of individual motivations and behaviors.

Brighter Leaders isn't just about better performance metrics; it's about empowering you to build a team that shines from within.

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Lizzie Claesson

Brighter Leaders' Founder & CEO

“My mission is to ignite a spark in every leader I work with, a spark that transforms not just their teams, but the lives of the individuals within them. Seeing people discover their purpose and contribute at their highest level – that's what truly motivates me.”

A proven path to achieve breakthrough team performance in 90 days or less






Become Our Newest Success Story

We are already seeing results, we are talking more, collaborating more, understanding each other more. We are already creating cost savings in less than a month that have covered 80% of the investment in Brighter Leaders’s program. Lizzie understands the business, it’s like she is in my head understanding my thoughts and challenges and provides the support for solutions that can easily be implemented. I highly recommend Lizzie and Brighter Leaders.
Melisa Seleskovic, Country Manager Volvo Car Austria
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Knowing More About Our Services

Individual Coaching

Job Interview

Unlock Peak Executive Performance

Develop Leaders Who Drive Results and Inspire Growth

In Meeting

Elevate Your Leadership Impact

Personalized Coaching for Growth and Transformation.

Team Coaching

Business Meeting

High-Performance Team Alignment

Strategize, Collaborate, Exceed Expectations

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Team Performance Accelerator

Foster Collaboration, Accountability, and Results


Lecture Room

Ignite Team Performance

Choose from Our Dynamic Workshops and Talks

And That's Not All ...


Weekly Leadership Mastermind Sessions

Join our exclusive community for live Q&A sessions led by Brighter Leaders experts. Get personalized guidance, address your unique leadership challenges, and connect with other driven leaders committed to high-performance team development.

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High-Performance Leadership Launchpad

We provide hands-on coaching and support during the critical early stages of your leadership transformation. Our experts work alongside you to implement high- performance systems, navigate challenges, and cultivate the confidence needed to lead your team to success.

Our Track Record

Our proven methodologies deliver rapid and sustainable high-performance results.

We get results, fast!

20% Increase in Team Productivity. 

Improved Goal Achievement by 25%.

We practice what we preach.

Our founder, Lizzie Claesson, has not only transformed teams within global businesses but has also built a highly successful company driven by a high-performance culture. This real-world experience, combined with a dedication to leadership development, sets Brighter Leaders apart.


Drive Sales Growth by 10% - 30%.

Return on Investment for clients.

  • How does the before and after for a typical client look like?
    Typically, clients begin their executive coaching journey feeling concerned and frustrated about their team's performance or specific team members not meeting expectations. They often struggle with time management, feeling overwhelmed by the demands of their roles. After undergoing coaching, clients report a significant shift: they experience increased satisfaction and fulfillment, both professionally and personally. They learn strategies to effectively manage and elevate their teams, and they develop skills that help them lead a more balanced life, achieving greater success in both their business and personal endeavors.
  • How do you help clients overcome challenges?
    We employ a unique approach by integrating both The Inner Game and The Outer Game. This dual strategy focuses on enhancing mental and emotional mindsets while simultaneously developing knowledge, skills, and environmental factors.
  • What qualifies someone to be an Executive client?
    Executive coaching is ideal for individuals in leadership roles who are committed to enhancing both their team's and their own performance. While CEOs, HR professionals, and C-level executives are common clients, executive coaching can also benefit mid-level managers and other professionals aspiring to leadership positions. The ideal candidates are those eager to improve strategic thinking, decision-making, and leadership skills, while seeking a better balance between their professional responsibilities and personal life. Additionally, successful coaching clients are typically open to feedback, willing to implement changes, and committed to personal and professional growth.
  • Does your services always provide ROI?
    Our services are designed to deliver a return on investment by closely aligning our coaching strategies with the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter most to each specific client. While outcomes can vary based on numerous factors, including the client's engagement and the complexity of their challenges, we consistently aim to achieve measurable improvements in performance that can be directly linked to our coaching interventions.
  • What do you do?
    We specialize in coaching business executives, both individually and in group settings, to enhance their leadership and management skills. Our goal is to empower them to elevate their teams and drive greater success for their businesses. Additionally, we provide coaching for middle management and key personnel within the organization who may not have formal management roles but are crucial to its success.
  • How do you provide Executive Coaching?
    Our proprietary System for Leadership Growth AccelerationTM comprises several distinct phases designed to enhance leadership effectiveness and business performance. We begin with the 'Foundation' phase, where we diagnose key challenges and opportunities. This sets the stage for the 'Implementation' phase, during which you can expect to see initial traction within the first few weeks. Next, the 'Optimization' phase includes follow-ups to refine and enhance strategies, adding further value. The 'Acceleration' phase ensures sustained improvement continues even after formal coaching concludes. We also provide post-coaching support to maintain progress. The duration of each phase varies based on the specific needs of the business and situation.
  • What services do you offer?
    CEO Coaching Management Team Coaching Executive Coaching Workshops for Leaders Workshop for Management Teams Workshop for Employees

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Brighter Leaders 

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