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Do you experience that you talk past each other at your company? That you think you mean the same thing but it turns out in practice that you misunderstood each other? How much time do these misunderstandings take and what is the cost for your organization?

Value-added companies have been shown to be more profitable, have less sick leave and lower staff turnover.

The question is how your values are lived out in practice in your department or organization.

What you can expect after this workshop is clarity in how you live according to your company values at both individual and group level and what concrete changes must take place for your values to take effect.

Values exercise 1/2 day

  • For companies with clearly stated values, the workshop will, through practical exercises, explore the meaning of your values at both individual and group level. Once you have reached an agreement on what values mean, you will at individual and group level identify concrete actions or changes to take to make the values a part of your everyday life.

    For companies with no explicitly stated values, the workshop will be an excellent opportunity to find a common ground that affects everyone, as values have their origin in the heart rather than the brain.

    What you gain from this is less misunderstanding, less cost when things go wrong, less energy loss, happier employees who are willing to do the little extra and become ambassadors for the company both among customers and future recruitments.

    After the workshop, you will be more cohesive, have renewed strength and higher motivation, the cooperation between departments and employees will be more efficient and more frictionless.

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