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It is not new to lead from a distance. Leaders who have teams with employees based in different countries have experience of leading at a distance. However, it is new for everyone to lead at a distance when people cannot meet, both at work or in private life. When people are deprived of the opportunity to even meet their loved ones to protect them from a possible infection by a virus that in some cases can claim life.


The natural energy that we humans get from meeting other IRL, the chemical reactions that take place in our bodies during physical contact such as shaking hands, patting on the shoulder or hugging, do not exist when we are in one way or another more or less isolated.


In addition to this, there is the reduction in employment and the economic consequences of the pandemic that many companies experience and need to live with and adapt to.

Digital & Remote Leadership

  • For many leaders it's now about motivating uphill. What you can expect with this service is:


    • increase confidence in yourself and in your abilities as well as increase confidence within the team
    • work with your openness and the team's openness to be able to read each other in digital media
    • take courage and help your employees at both individual and team level to take courage
    • work with your and with the team's communication in digital media to be able to take advantage of good ideas from employees, find a common way of working linked to the company's, the team's and your own values, be responsive and at the same time clear of your own and of the team's expectations
    • strengthen positive behaviors linked to distance working
    • motivate, find focus and achieve the company's and your team's goals
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