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We are many who have not been able to meet colleagues and employees for many months.

Digital meetings may happen more often than your previous IRL meetings, but how would you assess the quality of your digital meetings?

Within the framework of Covid-19 restrictions, it is possible to meet physically. Nothing replaces physical encounters and you and your team need to see each other again and be reminded of how wonderful you are. Through an experienced leadership developer, Brighter Leaders can facilitate this meeting and give you as a manager and leader the opportunity to be a team member for an entire morning or afternoon.

Get your team started. Workshop

  • There is a clear purpose to investing in your team right now. A morning or afternoon together after so many months of being seen with social distancing can make you:

    • Reach the next level as a team
    • Get tools for better cooperation and collaboration
    • Get members to express their views on what characterizes a team and come to a common view
    • Work with selected aspects that you need to improve as a team to find concrete measures at individual and team level
    • Encourage everyone to take greater personal responsibility
    • Get increased energy, motivation and team spirit
    • Let thoughts and feelings come out and be expressed in safe ways after many months of physical distancing
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